<b>Day 1:</b> Dec 14 (UTC+8)

  • Reflections from our work with Muslim and Dalit wastepickers in Delhi


    In this session Fearless Collective shares their work in Delhi, reflecting on the conversations they had with a community of Muslim and Dalit wastepickers – what is considered essential to them? How do they see their lives and their work in the context of the city and the pandemic?

  • Applying a Critical Feminist Macroeconomic Lens to COVID-19 Regulations: A preview of IWRAW Asia Pacific's GEM Toolkit


    An introduction to IWRAW Asia Pacific’s Gender Equality and Macroeconomics Toolkit. This session will help participants to critically think about the effects of national macroeconomic policies on women & girls’ access, exercise and enjoyment of human right and to create space for exchanging ideas on gender-responsive COVID-19 macroeconomic policies.

  • 'LALELA': Amplifying the voices of LBTQ persons in Zimbabwe


    This session will highlight key issues around macroeconomic justice especially for the marginalised LBTQ community in Africa. We will use poetry and spoken word to highlight issues affecting communities and then open for an "ask anything" session which will initiate dialogue and conversations specifically looking at the LBTQ community.

  • Following the Money: The Kafala system and chain of domestic workers' migration


    A transnational exchange amongst feminist and labor activists on the Kafala sponsorship system, looking at macroeconomic level analysis of supply chains of migrant domestic workers to highlight the economic interests standing against change and share the lived and organizing experiences of domestic worker unionists from Kenya and the Philippines.

<b>Day 2:</b> Dec 15 (UTC+8)

  • Campaign of Campaigns: Towards macro solutions for women, people and planet


    The session introduces the Campaign of Campaigns, a mobilisation and advocacy strategy to promote a “package” of macro-economic global demands devised jointly by the Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development (WWG on FfD) and the CSO FfD Group. It aims to galvanize collective efforts to promote solidarity across movements.

  • POSSIBLE FUTURES: Intergenerational work towards the pluriverse


    POSSIBLE FUTURES curates spaces to build understanding and solidarity across the Global South. We hold space for unseen, unheard narratives to emerge and environments for overarching Global South narratives to emerge as legitimate alternatives to the Global North's dominant, re-colonising ideas of "sustainable development" and "planetary regeneration".

  • The Audacity to Disrupt: An introduction to feminist macro-level economics


    The Audacity to Disrupt: An introduction to feminist macro-level economics, is a learning and sharing session directed at women’s rights activists from all parts of the world who are fighting to disrupt dominant narratives and oppressive systems that continue to push women behind.

  • South Feminists Organising: Promoting accountability and gender justice in the sustainable finance and investments dimensions


    This session will shed light on the ways in which gender inequalities, discrimination and economic injustices are propagated through policies and investments promoted by International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and multilateral formations such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) bloc.

  • The Deal We Always Wanted: A dialogue on a feminist digital economy


    This session seeks to highlight the urgent imperative for social movements to respond to the ongoing Big Tech-led restructuring of all sectors of the global economy and the resultant injustices, and identify feminist digital justice as the next horizon for Southern feminism in its 21st avatar.

<b>Day 3:</b> Dec 16 (UTC+8)

<b>Day 4:</b> Dec 17 (UTC+8)

<b>Day 5:</b> Dec 18 (UTC+8)

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